Specialty Service Blends


Where a single solvent is not suitable for an application, a blend may be the answer. Solvent blends are often utilised to provide properties that individual solvents may not have. A blend of solvents allows formulators to combine solvents to achieve:

  • Better cost efficiency
  • A less hazardous profile
  • Amend the odour
  • Change the volatility of the product
  • Better control of a reaction process
  • Improved solubility properties

Alcohols Limited have a range of solvent blends that can be offered in volumes from 5L to bulk tankers for a wide range of uses and industry utilising our high-quality products and extensive experience.


In addition to our extensive range of solvent blends, Alcohols Limited have the capability to produce bespoke blends in accordance with customer requirements in various volumes. Our facilities and experience in the production of solvent blends makes Alcohols Limited an ideal partner to support your business in producing solvent blends tailored to your needs.

For more information on our blending services please contact us.


With extensive experience and expertise in the packing and re-packaging of hazardous chemicals, Alcohols Limited is able to provide a fast and efficient service for a number of substances including:

  • Solvents
  • Glycols
  • Flammable liquids


We can offer bespoke solutions to match your requirements. Please view our additional information below.