speciality solvents

Commitment to Sustainability and Sustainable Technologies

Alcohols Limited are committed to supporting sustainable technologies, supply chains, and being a positive contributor to our people, communities and environment. For many years we have supplied bio derived products through our fermentation ethanol and ethanol blends to customers, providing options for more sustainable downstream formulations. We are constantly looking for ways to develop our services, products and practices to support our customers to deliver greener solutions for their business, and our new Rugby site incorporates state-of-the-art production equipment which significantly reduces the energy usage per tonne of product produced.

We are proud to support collaborative research as an investment in the future of chemicals manufacturing, through partnerships with PhaseBiolabs Ltd and the University of Nottingham on project to find a carbon negative method of Alcohol production using bioengineered gas fermentation.  

Alcohols Speciality Solvents - Go Green!

We constantly review our product portfolio and have teamed up with several of our supply partners to bring you a range of high performance solvents which can act as lower impact alternatives including Glymes (such as Ethyl Diglyme, Proglyme) and Acetals (such as 1,3-Dioxolane), helping reformulate away from traditional ingredients such as NMP or halogenated solvents such as methylene Chloride. Benefits include: 

  • Non-toxic, low odour
  • Including very low VOC Non HAP's
  • High solvency
  • Wide range of water solubility 
  • Wide range of boiling points
  • Improved safety in handling

boiling points

For further information regarding our range of high performance solvents or other speciality chemicals, please send us an email from our contact us page.

Boiling Point °C Tox Profile Odour Applications Solubility
Butyl Diglyme 256 Good Slight Ether Reaction solvent, Gold recovery Partially miscible with water
Tetraglyme >275 Good v. slight Reaction solvent Miscible with Water
Higlyme >300 Excellent v. slight Lubricant emulsifier Miscible with Water
Boiling Point °C Tox Profile Odour Applications Solubility
Proglyme 175 Excellent Slight Ether Ink, NMP replacement, Polyurethanes Partially miscible with water
Ethyl Diglyme 189 Good Slight Ether Ink stabiliser, Adhesives Miscible with Water
Glycerol Formal 191-195 Excellent v. slight Deicer, Coatings Miscible with Water
Comparator: NMP 203 Poor Slight Amine Polyurethane Miscible with Water
Boiling Point °C Tox Profile Odour Applications Solubility
1, 3-Dioxolane 75 Excellent Ether Cleaning, Photoresists, Seaming Miscible with Water
4-Methyl-1,3-Dioxolane 84 Excellent Ether Ink stabiliser, Adhesives Miscible with Water
Comparator: Acetone 56 Good Ether Gel Coats Miscible with Water
Comparator: THF 66 Good Ether Polymer Solutions Miscible with Water


We can offer bespoke solutions to match your requirements. Please view our additional information below.