Odourless Kerosene 

Alternative Names: Kerosene, White Kerosene, D70

Kerosene is a liquid fuel that is a mixture of high boiling point carbons, it is typically used as a source of heat or light, particularly in lamps, stoves, and heaters. Kerosene is known for its distinct and strong odour, which is caused by the presence of sulphur-containing compounds. Odourless kerosene, also known as “white kerosene” or “deodorized kerosene,” has had these compounds removed through a refining process that involves distillation and treatment with chemical solvents.

As a solvent odourless kerosene has an extremely light viscosity which makes it excellent for use as a penetrating solvent. It is a highly efficient, non-chlorinated solvent which can be used in electric parts cleaning applications requiring deep penetration with a controlled evaporation rate. It is economical to use and can be applied on large motors, generators, and electrical apparatus, as well as smaller equipment. It is often used in the automotive industry to clean engine parts and in the printing industry to clean printing presses.


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