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Automotive Products

A new addition to the Alcohols Limited range! Now supplying direct to the automotive sector as a 1st and 2nd Tier Supplier.

AlcoSolv – Straights and simple blends
AlcoPurge – Solvent-borne purge solvents
AlcoHydroPurge – Water-borne purge solvents
AlcoWipe – wipe solvents
AlcoClean – cleaning solvents
AlcoSafe- high flash or non-flammable formulations
AlcoThin – Thinners
AlcoWash – Screenwash

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For The Re-finishing And Garage Sector

A full range of solvents and blends - click here to hide Alcomotive Refinish

STD Thinners W
Gunwash Y
Slow Thinners
Fast Thinners
2K Thinners
Basecoat Thinners
Panel Wipe H
Panel Wipe I
Screenwash E Conc
Screenwash I Conc
Screenwash E RFU
Screenwash I RFU
Brake/Clutch cleaner STD
Brake/Clutch cleaner HE

Alcohols Offer The Following Services

Our products are formulated to meet the specific requirements of the customer’s process
Robotic, conventional application and electrostatic applications
Constant product development through regular site visits
Fully equipped laboratory
Chemical Management
Solvent Management
Total Audits
Cost per unit
Solvent recycling/recovery
Waste management
SPC control

Alcohols Offer The Following Packaging

Tankers 5000 to 27000 litres
1000 litre totes
205 litre drums
25 litre cans
5 litre cans